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    LETTER: As a teenage girl in high school, I can attest to the fact that when dress codes are instilled in schools, girls are usually more adversely affected.

      LETTER: If the orchestra program was better funded and more represented, more players would join, and students across TFSD would have a better musical opportunity. 

      LETTER: When kids spend more time on electronic devices, they are spending less time socializing with the people around them. 

      LETTER: Parts of our pop culture need to be changed to better improve our online community, and that change is up to us.

      LETTER: Netanyahu’s administration was either extremely arrogant and incompetent, or they welcomed what they expected would be a weak attack with minimal casualties.


      LETTER: If you want to improve your health — not to mention help animals and protect the environment — make some simple swaps in your diet.

      LETTER: Should Trump win reelection, he will invoke the prerogatives of office — real and imagined — to evade punishments that rightly are his to bear. 

      LETTER: The 60 Hours to Fight Hunger fell short of our goal this year. However, we were still able to provide turkeys and hams for many economically-disadvantaged families.

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